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Ever Thought You Could Make It Big In The City?

New Primetime BBC Series Is Looking For You?

London is fast becoming the financial capital of the world. But have you ever wondered exactly how the dealers, traders and investment bankers make so much money? And why do the decisions they make on a daily basis have such a big influence on our economy?

With record bonuses paid out last year of over £8.8 billion it’s no surprise that the world of City Dealing is shrouded in secrecy…. until now.

We’re looking for 5 people, who have no professional experience of trading, to be part of a new experiment we’re conducting for BBC television. We’ll train you in the ways of City dealing before setting you up with a substantial amount of capital to invest as you see fit.

Do you have what it takes to succeed in the cut throat world of the City - and take home your very own Fat Cat Bonus?

If you are interested, please contact Sascha or Satnam on:

0207 378 6106

or email:

[email protected]
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