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Bored of training inside and like the idea of getting fit outdoors in the park?

Wanting to train in a safe and friendly environment with experts to help and advise them to reach their personal goals?

Looking to get fit with like minded people?

Are new to jogging and want to start at a steady pace?

Slacked off with your training lately and want to ease back in?

Getting ready for a fun run of charity event?

BARNET ON THE MOVE is a 10-week programme of completely FREE jogging sessions for beginners or those who've slacked off a bit with their training. It starts on 21st July, for 10 weeks, but you can attend just one or all of the sessions. However, attend three and you get your free Barnet on the Move T-shirt...which is also FREE!!!

For more info, registration, maps, faq's etc. go to and then click on the Barnet on the Move logo.
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