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Sorry to enter your forum and immediately revolt you all, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice? The problem is my toenails keep going black and eventually falling off. It's gross and very painful. Even putting a sock on can be tricky.

I have gone to Niketown and had my running style analysed and bought appropriate running shoes, but still get the problem. I also wear gel capped plasters which help a little bit.

I generally do one 13 mile jog a week and one easier 5 mile jog.
Has anyone got any suggestions? Or is it just that my running style (quite ungainly) is causing this?

When the toenails are black it makes wearing work shoes very difficult. I wear soft trainers until a boss spots them and tells me off. This happens quite a lot and I feel like I'm back at school. Perhaps not surprisingly they are not interested in my offer to show them my feet by way of a defence.

thank you for reading.

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Hi There .

This is usually caused by the fact iof your shoe being slightly too small for you .

The foot will swell to a full shoe size bigger than normal over the course of a long run .

You say you had your gait sorted the shoes will be correct it may be just the sizing .

The best time to try runners on is in the afternoon when your feet will have naturally swollen .

Take it easy

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