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Hello all,

I'm going to be updating the forum software to the latest version.

This will likely happen tonight at about 11pm (in the UK).
It should be relatively painless and only take an hour at most.

Apologies for the short notice, however my testing has gone much smoother than I'd thought.

There are a huge range of improvements, including multi-quote, thread prefixes and a redesigned user profile system.

Aside from feature upgrades, everything will be the same, except as detailed below. For example no one will lose any threads or posts.
In the very unlikely event that something goes badly wrong, the current board will be restored so there's no chance of data loss.

Unfortunately the sidebar on the forum homepage will be disappearing, however with the exception of the pace calculator and training blog boxes, all that information is available elsewhere. After the upgrade I'll be building a new, much more useful, sidebar incorporating features you ask for.

I will put links to the training blog in the navbar and build a temporary page for the pace calculator so you can still access all the features you currently can.

(I did think about making that sidebar in advance however given the new features of the software upgrade I didn't want to overwhelm by making too many changes at once)

The spell checker will also be disappearing, though I hope to have that back in place by morning.

Once the upgrade is complete I'll make a new post detailing the new changes and allowing people to make comments and suggestions and report any bugs.

I'll happily answer any questions anyone has before the upgrade.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
Not open for further replies.