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I was going to ask if anyone else was doing this, but I seem to be alone in this area as far as forumites goes! There are loads of runners around I'm sure, but they don't seem to post here.

It was good camaraderie to share preps for the City of Manchester 10k, so I hope a few from here will do that again next year :d

Meanwhile, this 10k is described as "multi terrain" - so what can I expect? Should I set my PB to zero seeing as it's not a pure road race, and should I wear trail shoes or road shoes? It will be the first "multi terrain" one I've done - it starts off on a track, I think there is some road, but some is through a park, so am wondering whether to expect muddy trails etc?

Am looking forward to it, looks like the smallest one I will have done to date, so maybe I can make some new pals :cool:
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