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Hi all. First post, because I need some new running shoes.

My wife ran the London Marathon in 2007 and, at the Excel Centre, after she registered, I had a video gait test done on a treadmill at the Brooks stand. I'm hopeless on treadmills -- I don't go to gyms because I can't see the enjoyment of running indoors. Anyway, despite narrowly avoiding a trip to A&E because of my treadmill skills :embarrassed: -- I was the last gait analysis of the day and he was tired! -- it was recommended I might like to try the Radius because the chap there suggested that even though my arches are flattish and my right foot points out more than my left, my gait appears fairly neutral and the post in the Radius might be all that I need. I wore a pair of neutral shoes that he provided for the test -- Glycerins, I think. There are no Brooks dealers in Guernsey and no running shops for gait analysis.

My running is limited to three or four runs of 40-60 mins a week -- I try to get out every second day -- average heart rate probably 130-ish. I try to run for longer at the weekend but have been fighting off a bad run of colds/viruses lately. At the time of the gait test, I hadn't run in nearly six months, due to a lumbar disc problem, but that has settled down and I can, if I find the time as I did on holiday last December, run (jog?) fairly comfortably for about two hours or twelve miles.

I've run in Brooks Beast for some time, having had injections in the right ankle for sinus tarsi syndrome in 2000, but never had a gait test done. The Radius is a cheaper shoe, and the Brooks bloke knew that, though I was relatively brand-loyal, I wasn't in the market for a new pair of shoes at the time, having just bought some the previous November that had seen hardly any use. Still, though, he recommended a cheaper shoe, one that Brooks classify in the neutral section of their Web site. He also said that if I wanted to stick with what I know, and don't have any problems with them, then there's probably no reason to change.

What should I order now? Had running in Beasts helped "correct" my gait in some way, or were they merely helpful given my sinus tarsi syndrome and the fact that I'd been running in off-the-shelf shoes in the late nineties, with no consideration given to cushioning, control, support, etc.? Would I find my gait "worsening" or my running less comfortable if I switched to a different, less controlling shoe?

Sorry about the long post, but hope some of what I've written may be relevant, if anyone feels they can make a suggestion/recommendation. BTW, I'm 38, weigh 86kg (I know that Brooks Beast are recommended for heavier runners) and am 1.75m tall. I've never raced and run for the enjoyment/relaxation of it. I also cycle a lot, but again that's not races or big miles, just commuting, utility/shopping and cycle touring holidays.
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