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Hi all- glad I found this site!
I’ve started running recently after previously playing football/running before taking up cycling. I ride/train between 5-10 hours a week consistently on the bike and have done so for the last 3 years and more general riding before that. I’ve wanted to get to some trail running and so have started running again- doing easy 5k’s at around 5km/min and after a few weeks started to do intervals at 4km/min for 1k reps. This pinged just calf good and proper and I realised I had gone way too much way too soon. I rested for a week, and on my return run it went again after about 30mins of very easy running. Rested it for 2 weeks with foam rolling/calf raises etc and started back doing 1min easy run, 2min walk. It lasted one attempt but went again today- nowhere near as bad as the times before as I stopped as soon as I felt it. To be fair I’ve done 3 hard days on the bike in a row and one easy run and although it doesn’t hurt my calf I guess it is still stressing it.
Do I just need to rest a bit more and do the easy plan (without the hard interval sessions on the bike before)?
I know it’s very difficult to know from the internet, but trying to gauge my next steps so to speak. I have a recovery week on the bike so planned it as a good time to do some easy walk/jogs. It is a sharp pain in the middle of my calf. I can still walk on it etc pain free

thanks for any help!
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