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Does anyone use a camera as a safety device whilst running on roads? If so, what advice do you have?

I ask as I jog/run and cycle for general fitness and often have to use minor/country roads where there is neither pavement nor verge. I normally use a harness with a white light on the front and red light on the back even in daylight unless I am wearing dayglo clothing, although I often use a handheld red light when I run with a backpack on.

Whilst this arrangement means I am easily seen, I still get cars coming at speed within inches of me and have been hit by wing mirrors twice in the last year. I recently damaged a hand and have been walking rather than running. After yet another completely unnecessary close call I started to hold my phone up as if filming oncoming traffic; almost by magic every driver has since given me a wide berth.

I normally have my phone in an armband when running. I fear that holding the phone in my hand gives too high a risk of dropping and damaging it despite its protective case and the armband. Changing to stronger but larger case causes too many problems. The cheapest that I could find on the internet for a camera that would be easy to use, safe, clearly visible to drivers and preferably also suitable for mounting on a mountain bicycle was a 2-way cycle one at £190. For running I could hold this in my hand attached to a strap around my wrist for security. I could also cobble together some arrangement of 2 single-way cameras, but you get what you pay for and I’m not strapped for cash.
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