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At the end of December 2020 I pulled my Soleus on a 5 mile run I’d done a hundred times before. I think it was pretty bad as I couldn’t even walk and needed to be picked up by the family taxi. It took a few days before I could walk again, it still hurt, but I could walk.

Everything I read online said I should rest and not run again for at least 6 weeks. I only gave it a few days rest as I have dogs and they get antsy if they don’t get their daily walks.

Anyway, fast forward to late February and I feel fine, I believe I’ve given the Soleus enough rest from running (around 8 weeks) so venture out on a smaller 2.5 mile run. When I finished I could feel the Soleus a little but wasn’t sure if it was psychological and ‘all in my head’. A few days later I did the same 2.5 mile run and didn’t feel a thing. A few days after that I did the same run and felt a small pull (nothing in comparison to the first pull, in fact it was ‘light enough’ to comfortable walk home with no issues).

It was after the second smaller pull that I started taking rehab a little more serious, I researched stretches and started calf raises with the knee bent (both on flat surface and on stairs) and every other stretch I could find. Anyway, here in lies the problem. I appear to have a lack of flexibility in my right foot that’s preventing me from bending my foot/ankle enough to actually stretch my Soleus. This is only on the leg with the issue. I perform these stretches on my stronger leg and I feel the Soleus stretching, Immediately. But when doing the same thing on my injured leg I can angle my foot as far as it’ll allow and nothing, no stretching on my injured Soleus. Has anyone any suggestions on what I can do to stretch my calf? Skipping or foam rolling maybe? Or maybe something to increase flexibility in my foot/ankle?

I have a 40 mile hike coming up in a few weeks and would hate to back out because my calf goes while climbing up hill.

Much appreciate
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