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I am a long time runner/triathlete. About 7 years ago in the midst of runs, without warning I would get SEVERE, sharp pain in my calf muscle while running. (Not a cramp),
It would feel as if a knife was plunged in and twisted. It takes weeks to recover. My most famous tear occurred at mile 7 of the White Rock Marathon in 2003. Because I was trying to win a bet, I hobbled in still under 3 hours with legs so filled with blood, (other calf blew at 16 miles), that I could sink a finger 1 digit deep into my shin. My lower legs were like styrofoam for 3 months and I could not run. If I pushed my finger in the indentation would stay.
My legs have never been the same since. The calf pain has gone from happening rarely to almost every time I run. Usually, it happens in one step after running for about 10 minutes. I have tried strengthening and stretching exercises to no avail. I also have had micro-fracture knee surgery as well as meniscus tear surgery to combat knee pain I have had for the past 7-8 years. As recently as 9/2006 I was an overall winner of an Olympic distance triathlon. I am at my wits end, has anyone ever combatted something like this. I will not quit running but am at the point where amputation at the knee and bouncy prothesis look inviting. I have already tried massage, some benefit, accupuncture, none noticeable.
Any help will be tremendously appreciated!
Thanks a million!
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