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Hi there!

I'm a newbie to this site and thought I'd introduce myself. I work as a fundraiser for Computer Aid International and, equally importantly, I'm a runner! Having run the FLM in 2004, I've set my sights on the Great North Run this year.

Although the charity I work for is fairly large and UK-based, many people haven't heard of us or, more importantly, don't know about the work that we do. In a nutshell, we are a not-for-profit organisation working to bridge the digital divide by supplying high-quality, professionally refurbished computers to the developing world.

The charity is the world’s largest and most experienced not-for-profit supplier of high-quality, professionally refurbished PCs to the developing world and has sent over 85,000 computers to over 100 countries. The benefits of this are varied and widespread. For example, almost four million children in underpriviledged communities have been given better job prospects and a better chance in life thanks to access to PCs supplied by us.

As a runner myself, I'm trying to get sponsored running on our fundraising agenda as a way of raising greatly needed funds for our work overseas. But it's easier said than done and we can't get anywhere without the support of some dedicated runners who are prepared to get sweaty and sore for the world's poorest communities!

I would be delighted to speak to anyone thinking about raising money for charity through an overseas marathon or, for that matter, any event! There is even scope for us organising everything for you if you can commit to raising a minimum amount for us! Send me a message even if it's just to brainstorm some ideas!

Keep on runnin'!

Carl :d
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