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Hello all,
I recently had a collapsed lung that came out of nowhere (spontaneous pneumothorax) - I'm male, tall and fairly skinny and apparently they're common in such a demographic. This occurrred at the beginning of March and was in hospital for over a week with a chest drain while the lung reinflated and reattached itself. Was a horrible, traumatic and painful experience.
Before the episode, I was a very active runner running at half marathon levels, however, since the incident I've really had to cut back my running. In fact, only got back to it this week. Medical advice is to really build up slowly and doc suggested the couch to 5k as that walk/run accummulation is ideal. Going too fast/long too early isn't really an option while the chest/lung recovers from the various procedures they went under. It's a little frustrating starting from the beginning again, but it's bloody lovely to be outside with my trainers and gear on. Have to say though, can certainly feel I've lost a hell of a lot of fitness which is also frustrating.
So, was just wondering if anyone runners here ever suffered with a collapsed lung and what your road to recovery was like.
Mark - Yorkshire, UK.
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