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I have just finished my second week of training of a 5 week schedule to complete my first 5k race.;)

I have never run before and the schedule is as follows

mon rest or cross train
tues 10 min run each week increase by 5 mins
wed rest or cross train
thurs 15 min run each week increase by 5 mins
fri rest or cross train
sat day off
sun 2 miles, increase by half mile each week.

All the days for rest I do.

I have been able to run all the above so far, its only when I finish do I fell pain:eek:

Well today for my 2.5 mile instead of road I ran on a cycle track with my ipod. I just got carried away, got to a point turned thought this may be far turned around and ran back to my start. I worked out that I ran just over 5miles.:eek:
I was puffed out but felt that I could quite easily carried on.
I found that after about 2-2.5 miles I felt very comfotable running.
I got lost on the time think it was around 45-50 mins.

My questions...........

Should I still keep to my schedule or increase distance/pace?
Do other runners feel this comfort zone at all?

Like I said I am new so have no idea what I can and cant do just yet

Thanks in advance.
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