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I have knocked my sugar craving on the head and cut out all refined sugar from my diet and have cut down the consumption of chips to once a week.

My only problems is I really don't know how much I should be eating, all the websites I have visisted and articles I have read always suggest diets for someone far larger than myself and I don't think I could eat as much food as some suggest.

I am 6stone 5lbs and 5'2", I run 5km five days a week and my best time is just over 21 mins. I also run 10km once a week and am I also am doing weight training three times a week but these are just light weights and I cycle outdoors once a week for an hour quite intensively. I gained some weight doing the weights but I have noticed that my clothes have started to loosen a bit and my weight might be taking a dive again for some reason.

Does anyone have any idea about the quantity of food I should be eating and although I am eating about six small meals aday I don't know if this is too much for me or too little. Someone suggested eating portions of protein the size of my palm but don't know if this is a good method to follow.

Any advise would be much appreciated.
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