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Hi all, sorry it's been a while....

Ok not really sure if this is the right place but as it has only been a problem since I began running I figured it was as good a place as any! Though I am not concluding that it is running that is the problem!!!

It seems that at night I have begun breathing in a rather shallow and noisy fashion (no not snoring!!). I am told that I breath in quite quietly only to blow the air out hard through my nose, the inhalation being really quite short and shallow??? This is now starting to cause quite server sleep deprevation in my partner and I now scarper into the spare room for fear of being smothered!!!!!

If I try to breath deeply I find myself gasping for air after a few breaths???

I don't think it is over training as my am resting heartrate does not appear elevated. Running between 14 & 25 miles a week.....3 at 25 and then a week at 14 to recover, eating well and do not appear to be suffering any colds, coughs or sore throats.

Any idea would be gratefully received...

Thanks for reading, Em
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