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Hi everybody,

I’m new to this forum and new to running, but I have a special case I think.
At the moment I’m studying at the university and until last November if been a semi-professional cyclist. Performed against professional teams, but I didn’t receive the pay check they did and only my hotels, nutrition and partly bikes + clothes were covered by the team. So, not the benefits, but trained almost as much….

Since November I quitted because of my Master program which I’m currently in. I couldn’t combine 20 hours of training and studying anymore. I bought a nice pair of running shoes (Asics GT 7000) in December and started some running. Two weeks ago I also started cycling again after a very nice and well deserved break of 15 weeks. I did some 5k’s in running and some gym workouts, during the break, but that’s it. My fitness level was never bad in those weeks and I’m regaining very fast (of course). Now I’m trying to combine both, just for fun. I must say that running feels hard for now!

I started with some 5K’s several weeks ago and
  • last Monday I did a first time 15k for 05:23/km (160 avg HR);
  • yesterday as well a 15k for 05:10/km (167 avg HR);
  • My 5k last week was at 4:45/km (avg 185-ish HR).
I’m not fishing sweets, but just want you guys to tell me where I stand right now and how to improve things. From cycling I know a good base is very important, that’s why I’m trying to get those kilometres in with sweet spot heartrate.
Some of my physical aspects:

  • Rest HR when trained around 36
  • Lactate threshold is 183 (clinical test)
  • Max HR in races around 200 (198-203, depends on fitness)
So, my training around HR 160 is a bit high to be an endurance run, should be in the same range for cycling I guess? 130-148 for me. I think this needs a bit time to stabilize, because running doesn’t feel natural yet.
My questions: where do I stand right now in terms of beginner and how can I improve it the best way?

My planning is to keep these 15/20km endurance/sweet spot runs and add 1* 5km with intervals 30/30” or just 3km full gas.

Like to hear from the more experienced people!

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