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Hello everyone,
My first post here.
I've been running since April 1st 1989, I remember it well. I'd just finished a night shift at the engineering company I was working at then, frosty morning, 6.00am, wide-awake. On went my floppy cotton elasticated-waist shorts and a beat-up pair of casual shoes and a t-shirt and off I went. 200 yards up the road and I thought I was dying!
Things improved after that........

After a number of lapses over the intervening years I've now stuck at it steadily since August 2001. Finally managed to conquer smoking 4 years ago. I can't believe I allowed myself to do that stupid thing for as long as I did, nor that I was running while smoking......the things we do..

I'm not into competition, running for me is a solitary, meditative activity, space and time to think freely. I enjoy summer running, the warmth of the sun, minimal clothing, but I also like the rigours of winter running, of not being bound and constrained by the elements, but enjoying their diversity.

Now at 47 I'm starting to feel the miles a little more, but the pleasure continues undiminished.

It's good to be here,

All best wishes
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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