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Hi all

I was recently passed a few of these treadmill trainers from a colleague. They go on your Ipod for you to listen to as you run.

They are pretty good, although the beginner one is probably not worth doing if you can walk upstairs unaided!
It's a bit "stateside" at points, with lots of high-fives and whooping going on, but it can't do any harm if you're having trouble keeping going.
I find it's a bit like Sat Nav in the car. It's good because you can concentrate on the road and just do as you're told. This is the same, he tells you when to run, gives you advice when you're running then updates you on how long you have to go in that interval before you start to walk.

It certainly may not be for everyone, but for those of us who don't have training partners it's a reasonable alternative..........
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