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Afternoon all,

Just recently got back in to running after a few years of cycling.

I have a Garmin Edge 500 with HRM (strap), which I use for cycling and generally upload to Strava.

Whilst running, up to now i've just taken my phone and ran Strava, but now i've started introducing intervals etc I really should look at something else. I also don't really like running with my phone in my pocket !

I notice Fitbits and the like seem to be all the rage, but not necessarily for running?

It would be nice to see see my current stats whilst running, and be able to upload to Strava (is it generally a case of syncing with phone?)

Also, i've read that the wrist HR functions can be inaccurate. for this reason, if I choose to train with HR I will probably use a chest strap, unless I an convinced otherwise.

So i'm just looking for recommendations and advice based on my situation. Any help much appreciated :)

The other option is just stick my Garmin in my Pocket and upload to Strava. But this way i'm unable to see figures whilst running.
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