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Hi everyone! New to the forum and keen to get some advice/hear from others who have experienced a similar injury...
I'm a 29 year old female runner who has been running consistently for a decade. Have run two (virtual) road marathons this year and have been training consistently on flat road for the majority of the year. I switched things up and started running on hilly trails 3-4 weeks ago, and switched to wearing trail shoes. I started running more frequently as I was enjoying the trails more, and increased mileage from 60-70ish-km per week to around 90km.
I've now developed pain at the front of my left kneecap which is noticeable but not terrible during the day but is worse at night and is stopping sleep (not cool!). I'm rolling, not running this week and am trying wearing a knee support. I'm thinking it could be patellofemoral pain or IT band, but given the amount of advice out there, just wanted to see what you guys here think and whether anyone has experienced a similar situation of pain being better during the day but worse during the night?
Thanks so much!
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