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Dear All,
I am new here.
I follow a structured training. My LTHR is 173. This year I could run a 15 km hilly course (260 m) and a flattish HM with that average. I am 43.
Today at my HM I planned a slightly negative split. My pace fluctuated in the first 7 km but my HR stayed constant between 168-170.
Then came the problems.
1. I could not accelerate enough to put my HR to the desired zone, and above it for the final kms. It stuck around 170
2. For the first time in my life my pace was very unstable in the final 7 km where I should have been fast.
I missed my target by 80 sec (1.3%).
My HR was lower than ideal by 2 %.
The temperature was between 15-20 degree but humidity was 76%.
Any other possible reason why I could not accelerate? If I had been weaker my HR would have been rather higher than lower.
I did enough intervals with 3-6 kms faster than what I should have been reach in the final few kms.
Thank you.
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