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Hello, I thought I would introduce myself, I had better start making some posts as I have an eye on those socks after 50 posts!

I have just come back from my second walk-to-run effort. I have convinced myself for years that I was not built for running but am starting to come around to the idea.

I have been going on 5 mile walks, 4 or 5 times a week for the past 3 months to help to lose weight and get fit, but these take far too long so I thought running would give me the best fitness to time ratio.

I have been about 3 stones overweight for most of my later adult life and was worried that my knees would give me some jip, but they seem to be holding up ok. I have lost nearly 2 stones and so am less concerned about the effect of being overwight on my knees.

I am still going out for an hour but gradually adding more 1 minute periods of running during this time.

I have bought some adidas running shoes, but wondered if there was a specific type of sock that I should be wearing? Also, I am a size 8 but purchased a size 9 as the 8's were too tight? They seem ok, no blisters after 2 sessions other than on one ankle. Any tips?
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