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Do you wear insoles when you run?

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I work for Mobilis Healthcare and have popped on to see what you guys are doing.
We make, manufacture and resell all sorts, but I guess you will be interested to know about the joint supports and insoles. I work in new product development so I am hoping you will tell me all of your gripes about your current supports/ insoles, so that we can develop better injury prevention and injury rehabilitation products to keep you all on your feet!

So talk to me! Do you customise your insoles? Are you wearing an insole when you should be wearing an orthotic product? Are your legs the same length?! You would be so surprised to learn the difference that this makes!

If you run, wear insoles! Our brand of shock stopping insoles- Sorbothane absorbs upto 94% of impact shock as it is a unique material- part liquid part solid. Foam insoles collapse and become ineffective in a short time- so you might feel like you are being protected- but you aren't!

have a look on the site for more info.

Don’t run without them, it's madness! And its not just shin splints to worry about, your whole body compensates with shock impact it so it could potentially affect other areas too.


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