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Hi all,
I was looking for advice for travel and accommodation for this years GNR and came across this site, looks good!
I've been running a couple of years for fitness and weight control and at the moment I'm just getting back into it after a few months off. The only race I have done is the Jane Tomlinson's Leeds 10k last year which I enjoyed so much I have entered again this year.
I wanted to set myself a new challenge and entered for the GNR, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I was successful in the ballot.
I am doing the GNR on my own and for the first time and as I'm new to racing I'm anxious about the travel/accommodation, getting to the starting line, baggage etc and pretty much the whole procedure of this much bigger race.
Living in Bradford, the Leeds 10k is practically next door, my brother dropped my girlfriend and me off near the start, my girlfriend looked after my bag , keys etc after the race it was a five minute walk to the train station.
The GNR is approx a 2 hour drive away, I was thinking of driving up and trying to find somewhere to park but a half marathon after a 2 hour drive doesn't sound good,
Accommodation maybe the better choice, but still unsure of getting to the starting line
from the accommodation, on time in a city I've not been to before, the baggage procedure etc
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