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hi there - found this web forum while looking for some advice on starting running! It looks great - very friendly and I'm hoping you will help me meet my running goals - in return I promise to be a good citizen of runnersforum!!

brief details - 32yr old male, used to be very fit and active - Karate, Gym work & swimming - slowly declining in activity since leaving university (yep - I was mega fit AT university!)

Not done a jot of exercise since my daughter was born in Dec 2003 - put a few pounds on and still struggle to find time to 'go' somewhere to exercise - so thought running would be ideal as I can just go out from, and return to, home.

Anyway - started running 3 weeks ago been running 2.5miles every second night - taking about 25 mins although improving. legs used to hurt, but they seem to have adapted very quickly and now my cardio capacity is the restraining factor.

I use a heart rate monitor (Polar F6) and it's set to give an alarm below my lower and above my upper aerobic thresholds - 122 - 160bpm for me. I tend to walk the first 4 mins for a warm up and then run til it beeps at me, walk until the rate has recovered to around 135 and then set off running again, trying to go slowly to maximise the time I am actually running - then slowing to a brisk walk to recover when the heart rate is too high.

does anyone agree with this method of training or would you recommend a different plan of action?? My goals are to enter the Blackpool 10k fun run next may and I want to do a sub-1hr time - I think this is achievable?

Any comments welcome


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