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I've recently returned to running having dabbled on and off over the last eight years. I was called up on to do the gr8 north after a runner shortage! so with 3 wks to go put in a few miles. I was determined to do a comfortable, 'take in the sights run' after my last gr8 north experience of just concentrating on getting sub 2hrs, which i did but at great effort. This time I did 2.10 which I was happy with but it made me realise that if i want to improve my running I should train properly with an heart rate monitor. I want to improve my efficiency rather than just go out for a run, each time either running faster or longer, because past experience showed me that whilst I could do the sub 2hr or 1hr 10k I felt grim and didn't enjoy the experience!
Having read lots of lit on hrm' I have decided this is the wayto go.
What I would love is if somebody could confirm my working heart rates for recovery runs?60%, long slow run?70%, moderate pace ??%, 0.5marathon pace ?85% 5-10k pace ?95%. There seem to be different methods to calculate these and I would be very, very appreciative if some kind soul could come up with some figures that correlate with mine. I am 43yrs 7months, and my resting hr is between 50 -60 bpm. I do realise that the besy way to find maxhr is on a treadmill.
Once I have established the figures then I will enquire as to what is next.
Pre-emptive thanks to all
love the website , only joined up yesterday, already addicted.
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