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Ok, so i said i wasnt interested in running any races but here I am!

Just started running and I'm enjoying it although its Primarily a means to an end for me as its not my main hobby.

Could anyone give some advice on a program for me to get prepared for the 10k on the 7th September?

I currently only run either 1.5 miles as fast as possible for me (appx 11 min and working on it) or 3 miles with an average of 9 min miles which is quite comfortable but not quite easy!

I train with weights 3-4 times per week so structuring my running round this and the heavy leg work might be tricky. Im not one for slacking though so i will always make sure I get it done!

So...that said...I dont even know where to start with a program! I tend to just go out and do as i fancy which probably isnt the proper way top do things :rolleyes:

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