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I've been running for a number of years now, but am new to this forum. My main running goal this year is to run 2019 miles and climb the equivalent of Everest 6 times. I'm now 11 miles off my distance goal, which I will achieve this week, and am also within touching distance of my height goal.

Another big goal for me was achieved yesterday when 8 runners (led by myself) and 15 mountain bikers from our small Derbyshire village set off on endurance run/ride to raise funds for a local 8-year-old (Riley) who has stage 4 cancer and needs treatment in America. The runners (one of whom had never run more than 10 miles) ran 21 miles and the riders rode 30 miles, both routes over muddy, hilly terrain with some brutal headwinds. Both groups started out together and completed the last 2 miles together over the moor to come into the village to cheers from the local community. Between us we've raised enough funds to fly him out to America, but are still a long way off funding his course of treatment.

If anyone would like to read more about Riley's plight or would like to donate, however small, please visit my Just Giving page. Go to the Just Giving website and search for my name Emma Wild

Many thanks for reading
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