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Hi from Germany,
I´m Marc, 30yrs old and I live in Dülmen which Military personell could know. It´s a small town in the west, south of Muenster. Have a look at google earth, it´s very rural and flat.
I used to live and work in London and Hemel Hempstead in 99 and 2000. A part of my family still lives in London and from time to time I´m visiting them.

My running career: I started in 2003 when I accidently saw an announcement for a local run. I had no clou "normal" runners without a club could start there so I was happy to run my first 5k race and got infected. Two years later I ran my first marathon which was preety boring. I did not do many long runs ( just two 30k runs ) and was "looking forward" to the pain and the fight that everyone told me would come during my marathon. I ran slowly with to other beginners and had no problems. I finished with a slow time of 4:52hrs. Afterwards I was so bored that I stopped running for nearly a year.
Actually there was something good about my first marathon. After finishing I asked my girlfriend to marry me.
Now I´m back and am preparing for the Enschede Marathon ( NL ) in April. I´m planning to run under 4 hours and am really looking forward to the long runs before I´ll do this time.

So much for now. Looking forward to explore this forum.
Greetings from Germany
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