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Hi everyone - I'm fairly new to running and have started developing what I believe is MTSS or shin splints. I began a few months ago with just power walking which I have developed to a 3-4 mile jog, but recently I can hear my right foot slapping on the ground. Very embarrassing, and as much as I try it won't subside. It's usually worse at the start of my jog and decreases as I jog the last mile. I do wear orthotics (both feet) due to flat feet and a slightly longer leg; it is the right foot that is largely the problem (bunion). My left foot is a dream - glides along with a neutral gait and silently - joggers heaven!

My new shoes are stability and motion control so I'd have thought I'd pushed all the right buttons. Is it my dorsiflex thingy that needs strengthening or does someone have another idea? Perhaps my warm up isn't sufficient.

Appreciate any advice you can give me.

Kimbers. :d
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