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Well I've started trail running now that the kids are a bit easier to handle in the mornings (I'm a house husband to 3). I've been at it since Aug and have gone from run 1min walk 1min for 30mins to now running 40mins. I guess whats kept me at it is the buzz it gives me all day and I have for once found good shoes in a size 13 (Inov8 terrocs) and my Ipod Nano in a waterproof (the west of Scotland is WET!)

I'm not aiming at any races but by this time next year I'd like to be running 10 miles in 2hrs (that's the length of a great walk near home). The countryside around me lends itself to trail running with miles of excellent forestry tracks by the shores of Loch Fyne.

I've lurked and learned a fair bit so far and I plan a bit more lurking again now!

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