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I've been running just over a year, running 3 of 4 times a week. Now im increasing my miles as doing a half marathon.

For the last month or so ive been feeling a pain/tightness in my inside hip/groin/lower abs when running. It was initially when just turning over in bed getting up or walking a little. I never felt it when running.

However now it seems more of an issue. Even during warm ups, lunges etc I would feel it when lunging on either side.

Do I need rest or do I need to do some strength exercises, after its subsided a little. Ive tried some simple leg lifts lying on the floor, i find that difficult and even doing one situp is painful, hence not being 100% if its inside hip or lower 'non existant abs on that side'

Did 10+miles today which is alot for me but at a slower pace with a group and could feel the issue for most of it. My next run will be wednesday. Was thinking of cycling to work tomorrow, wondered if that would help the issue, crosstraining or if it would simply aggreviate it and not count as resting the problem

Last month I did about 80+miles. This month I am at 24 so far.

Previously I would suffer shin issues on and off. I've got a couple of pairs new trainers that I've been using and also enertor inserts to see if i can cure that problem
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