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Afternoon all,

So I've been running since around 2012, and currently average about 300km a month.

I decided to take a short break from running last week, as started to feel a niggle in my left hip. Its fine when walking, and when I run 10k on Thursday, it felt fine, but on Friday when I run 25km, I started to feel a pain from about 8km onwards that came and went. Its not sore to touch, nor do I feel it when I walk but if I twist my leg a certain way, it comes back.

I have been increasing my training, as working towards an October Marathon. Last week, I also got a new bike, so went on a 50mile cycle, did some swimming and bouldering as well.

There's not one specific activity I remember thinking 'ow' in that week, but I do remember last Saturday pausing a long run, when I was trying to push my half time.

All I can say is that it is a mild pain on the side of my upper left hip. I have 10 weeks left to my Marathon, so not sure what to do. I'm thinking I should go for a cycle in an hour or two, just to try something non impacting. Other than that, I'm trying to check if I know my GP details, to get it checked out. My 3 hour plan might be out the window here.

Any thoughts?
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