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Hey, sorry not Spanish... just trying to be a bit more creative :p

Anyhoo, I'm a new member of these here forums, but not a new runner. I'm 21 and have been running for just over 2 years now. Started out to keep weight off (used to be "clinically obese", then lost all the extra weight and wanted to stay like that). Since then I really have become addicted to running, and have been bitten by the climbing (bouldering) bug about a year ago also. I've never ran any races, I don't really have a competetive bone in my body (bar against myself), but I do take my running very seriously, and this year I've set a goal of running the Sheffield Half Marathon (it's where I live...) in less than 2 hours. I wasn't built for speed at all, but I know I can carry off the right pace over a 6 mile tempo run, so hopefully with some speed training chucked in I'll make it (any advice?). Training properly started last Monday, and has been great so far. I run on average about 15-20 miles a week, increasing as the training carries on.

Anyway, just wanted to say hey, and hope that I can reap some wisdom out of these here forums (also, doing a Research PhD in Molecular Genetics... might be a good way of passing the long hours of waiting for things to happen heh), and discuss running with like-minded people :)
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