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Trail running marathons are called trail running, and the distances are usually 50 kilometers, 100 kilometers, 168 kilometers, 332 kilometers. And 800 miles, 500 kilometers, 898 kilometers. Trail running is athletic running and hiking in the wild and natural environment.
It is a run along the road. The difference between the venues is that the runners are mainly in the wild, while the hiking trails in the natural environment will run, usually in the mountains, and there may be many ups and downs.

Cross-country running marathon, the road conditions are complex, and it is easy to show muscle strain, fracture, joint dislocation, etc., and it is relatively common. Competitors must master the necessary first aid knowledge, and can temporarily treat the injured part, leaving more rescue time for the medical staff.
In addition, off-road racing can also be challenged by temperature, dehydration, viper beasts, and harsh conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, hail, and mudslides. If you are not familiar with the road, it is easy to get lost.

Rescue in off-road events is very difficult and highly technical. The location arrangement of the rescuers, rescue plans, rescue tools, etc., all need very professional people to do, any negligence may pay the price of life.

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