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I am a 33 year old, fairly healthy (I think so!) male, and each time I run I get any of a multitude of running related injuries so I've always avoided it for other forms of exercise. I tend to do weight training.

I have finally realised the issue maybe that I don't build it up properly. So I figure a couch to 10k is good:

All the workouts I see talk about "run x minutes, walk x minutes" and go from there upto 60 minutes straight.

*****But what does that mean in level of exertion, distance, heart rate.... something that I can measure to both control my progress sensibly and also ensure I'm improving?*****

It seems strange that programs aiming to get you running 10k are measuring my runs by time and not distance. Cardio-respiratory wise I'm confident I could do a 60 minute run now, or do those first few weeks in sprints - but obviousy that isn't the point, so what should I be doing?!

FYI I'm not training for any event etc - so I have absolutely no time limit to work up to the 10k mark, it's just for myself.

Thank you
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