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I was rather good at running until 25, when I stopped. Only amateur basis. From 2.5 km to 10 km. Maximum 2-3 workouts a week. Never injured.

Want to resume running now. Self-evaluation tells me that that the cardiovascular shape per se is good, and muscle strength is good, but I weigh far more now than before. This is because when I stopped running, I started to train with weights.

When I was running I was 70 kilo. Now I am 90. Still "slim", but 20 more kg to carry.

I have tried running a couple of times. Goes ok, but I can feel beginning shin splint after only 3-4 workouts. Have then stopped. Last time I tried was maybe 2 years ago. Never a problem with shin splint when 70 kg.

How should I presume if I will switch to making running my priority training again? It will be difficult to lose much weight beforehand because much of this extra weight is muscle.
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