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Hi All

I'm 29 and live in Scotland with my husband and two kids aged 4 and almost 2.

I started running at New Year - Complete beginner did the whole walk/ run thing for three times per week two weeks and my back started playing up. :embarrassed: Went to physio and was told she thought it was my sacral aileax (spelling?) and told me I have poor core stability and a high hinge point?

I had stopped running as it was uncomfortable - but have been working on the exercises I was given plus have been doing Davina McCalls DVD when I can't get out to run. It has a core stability section to it and I have noticed an improvement. So have hit the roads again.

Here's the thing. I have probably quite stupidly registered to do the Tartan 10k on 26 April and 5k on 16 March and the furthest I have ran is 1.9 miles (in 20 minutes)- I managed to do it without stopping, but only just. I have ran this three times now (different routes). I have got a plan to increase this by 15% each week until then.... but am I kidding myself? I am so keen to do it but need some reassurance that it will be possible.

Should I be cross training? Any tips? or stories of how folk progressed from similar point as me? I need all the encouragement I can get!

Thanks so much.:d

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Howdy!! First of all, the 5k won't be a problem at all for you, so don't worry about that. The 10k you WILL finish, but how much of it you run and in what time, all depends on your training up to race day. I still think it's very possible for you to run the whole lot without stopping.

Training advise can be hard to give as everyone is different. At your stage I (personally) would concentrate on two things only - mileage and rest. Try and up the mileage as much as is reasonably possible but have a day off between each run (rather than cross training on your days off) to allow your body to cope. Maybe say if you were running 3 times a week your schedule could look something like this...?

wk1 - 2mi, 2mi, 3mi
wk2 - 2mi, 2mi, 3.5mi
wk3 - 2mi, 2.5mi, 4mi
wk4 - 2mi, 2.5mi, 5mi
wk5 - 2mi, 2mi, 6mi
wk6 - 2mi, 2.5mi, 6.2mi
wk7 - 2mi, 2mi, 5mi

Resting in the week up to the race will play a big part in your race day performance. If you can manage to run 6.2 miles before the race day it'll give you a big psychological boost, if you can't them the race day adrenaline will help you round. If you can run 5miles non-stop in training, you'll make 6.2 in a race no problem!

Try and get the mileage in without increasing the mileage too much each week (as I've tried to do above). If you find the runs too long try and cover teh distance even if it's partly as a walk. HOWEVER, if you're starting to feel pains in your legs you may well need some extra rest between runs. I'm sure other forum members would be all too happy to give their advice and opinions along the way too.
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