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I usually run about 5km around 4 times a week in the gym as well as my usual workout of the exercise bike and stepper. I run as 11Km/hr and found that I was getting bored with my workout as I got to the point where I could run this quite easily. The personal instructor at the gym has suggested I change my workout to the following.

4mins 6km/hr incline 4%
4mins 8km/hr incline 4%
1min 13km/hr incline 2%.....and I carry this cycle for a total of 12mins and then do a cookl down walk for 3mins.

I don't feel as if I am working hard enough and am interested in building up speed and distance, is this program right for me and how can I push myself. I do not understand the aim of me doing this program.

Any suggestions would be most welcome as I am getting rather serious about my running now and would like to progress to running 5km/hr in a fast time, I was also wondering what time could I achieve if I was to concentrate on my training.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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