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Hello everyone, I am at the very early stages of planning to run JOGLE in October 2021. The reason for the run is to raise money and awareness for two charities that are close to me. I haven't run any ultras before. I have completed a few marathons. I consider myself to be an average runner at marathon and less distances.
My initial thoughts were to complete roughly 30 miles a day. I know this probably doesn't sound a lot but my aim is not to break any records but to make it to Lands end!
What I am struggling with is planning the route. I am currently reading Gavin Boyters book who ran JOGLE. His route however took in a few more miles than I was planning. As he was making a film at the same time, to get some great footage he ended up running more than 1000 miles. Any internet searches for a route tend to bring up either 1000 miles plus or under 900 miles. The trouble with the under 900 miles is that most of it is on A roads.
Does anyone know of a route that has a happy medium of safe(ish) routes and less than 1000 miles?
Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
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