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Hi folks,

Thought this might be useful to some of you since I've found it very useful (sure I'm not the only geek out there!).

I have been keeping a food diary using this website called where you can log what you've eaten or plan what you're going to eat and it analyses it for you against RDA's and calorie requirements. It analyses viatmins and minerals as well as the usual fats, carbs and protein. It's got a (small) subscription fee but I've found it far more efficient than keeping a paper diary and working it all out manually. You can adjust the calorie requirements and RDA's for your own needs too (which I have on the advice of my doctor since I'm 8 months pregnant and will re-adjust when I resume full training after the birth - only just felt the need to stop training which I'm quite proud of!).

Anyway, it even has recipes you can use built in (or enter your own) and creates shopping lists for you once you've created a menu. So much easier than a paper diary. I've found that planning my diet properly really makes a difference to my energy levels too.

Thanks for listening and I hope some of you find this helpful.

Rhian :d
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