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Sorry to hear of your injury woes Sarah :( did the physio watch you in motion as part of the diagnosis? As you may have read I recently had a biomechanical assessment which highlighted any problems I was having through watching what my body was doing - when you can see what's going wrong it's easy to see where the resulatant strain/pain will occur and also therefore be able to identify the cause!

I'm sorry I can't offer any kind of answer myself - but my brain tells me that if you're not convinced with the physio's conclusion, then she's probably not identified the cause. In my experience, when ever I've been ill, the only time I've been properly cured is when I feel the doctor has understood me, and is then able to tell me what other symptoms I'm probably suffering with; then I get a feeling of "yes, he knows exactly what my problem is, and he'll be able to fix it"

Have you increased your training load since the new year? or perhaps had a bit of a break over December? Just wondering if it's come about through an increase in training...

I hate to critique people who ever never met and/or dealt with - but if I was told that a pain in my knee that developed when running was caused by emotional stress I'd already be thinking they're clutching at straws. Were your new trainers in January properly fitted? (i.e. gait assessment?). The buying of new trainers in Jan may just be a co-incidence, but as someone trying to diagnose a problem, if someone comes up to you and says "Since January I've been suffering with pains in my knee" and you ask what's changed since January, to which they reply "I bought new trainers" - I can see how it'd be very easy to think "BANG! Problem solved".
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