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Advice required please for a recent returner to running that may have bitten off more than he can chew... When buying your first pair of properly fitted shoes, is it wise to crank back the pace/distance to allow your body to adjust?

Started running again a couple of months ago using an old pair of Asics Gel running shoes - everything was going pretty smoothly and I was slowly upping my distance and pace over the weeks. On the odd occasion going down the stairs I started feeling a twinge on the front/inside of my knee just below the kneecap - this felt like it was more on the bone than anywhere else.

On the recommendation of the guys on the forum decided to get my gait measured and properly fitted up for my running and went to Sportsshoes Unlimited in Bradford. On the treadmill in neutral shoes I felt the same twinge again in the same place - the chap said I was a mild-overpronator and needed quite a bit of support for my feet. Half an hour later walked out with a pair of Asics Kayana 13s...

This is where I think my stupidity kicks in. I went out in the new Asics and decided to bomb round my local 5k village loop in around 23 minutes - not going to set the world on fire but my quickest yet. This was followed later in the week by a longer loop of approx 7.5k at a similar pace.

Since then I have had intermittent discomfort in the same area of my left knee and have been reluctant to run, opting to rest for now. I am now five weeks off my first 10k race and am concerned that I will either have not enough time to train up to a decent distance or adjust to the new shoes.

Apologies for the ramble - does anyone have any similar experiences that they could share?
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