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Hi everyone, i'm in desperate need of advice please!!
About 3 weeks ago, i started getting a twinge in my knee while running. Hard to locate, but mainly the right side of my knee. It would make my knee feel weak like i'd need to stop running, but i could run through it and gradually it disappeared.
A few days later, the feeling came back but more defined - a tugging sensation on the right side of my knee that made my knee feel weak. Eventually, whenever i put my foot down by knee would buckle and i couldn't put any weight on it. It wasn't pain, just felt very unstable.
After that run it was stiff for a few days and became slightly painful to walk down stairs, but in general it is fine to walk on, just a bit unstable. I tried running yesterday for the first time in three weeks and the tugging/weak feeling was still there, which forced me to stop.
Has anyone experienced anything like this? Or have any advice? There is no swelling or bruising, it doesn't hurt to walk (apart from the occasional twinge), and i can squat/bend etc. fine, but i can't run. (I've spoken to a doctor today but they can't do anything due to current world circumstances).

Thanks in advance. Any advice would be much appreciated.:)
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