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I've had ongoing knee problems since completing a half marathon in March. ITB issues was the original thought, so underwent an array of strength exercises for hips/glutes etc.

However, was given different advice from a couple of sports masseurs who said my ITB felt "fine" but my thigh muscle, the rectus femoris was found to be very tight causing the same ITB symptoms (knee pain and hip).

Anyway, upped my miles and frequency (mistake, I know) and felt the pain again after a couple of runs, a little bit more severely down the knee and actually into the shins a little.

In desperation contacted a biomechanical specialist, who did a load of tests and found my right leg was slightly shorter than the other!

He said my left leg (the one with issues) was performing a strange maneavoure of swinging out ever so slightly, so it doesn't catch on the ground while it waits to "catch up" with the shorter leg. He said this swing out of the left leg, was an unnatural one placing stress on the ITB. He also diagnosed tight hamstrings so have been stretching these since.

So, was given some custom orthotics for my running shoes to negate the shortness in my leg and, having bedded them in over xmas by wearing them round the house for a few hours
a day. Then on new year's day went out for a very basic workout - 1 min running, 1 min walking for about 20 mins. The goal being to eventually build up time and running length.

However, knee pain niggled a bit when I started, stopped when I walked and then sporadically appeared during the one min runs. Yesterday, while walking up hill after nipping to the shops I felt it too, but more of that pain down the side of the knee, edging the top of the shin. Am pretty sure, btw, this isn't shin splints.

Anyway, have contacted orthotics chap to explain what's happened but my question here isn't really the diagnosis, the leg length discrepancy makes sense, but rather the extent of the injury. Of course ITB takes time to heal so should I be leaving off altogether and then building up in a few months time? Questions again for the orthotics chap but having a proper extent of the injury would be helpful. I was contemplating contacting a knee specialist getting a scan but this is big bucks!

Needless to say, am rather desperate to get back. I suffer from depression and this is really taking a toll not having this outlet, so advice, guidance or general support is what I'm looking for here.


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