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Hi All, whilst my injury isn't specifically related to running, I'm hoping the wisdom of the community may be able to help.

I was playing football two weeks ago and whilst making a tackle, I fell on to the floor and my thumb bent inwards on itself, hard against the ground. I landed on the floor with my thumb nail pointing down to the ground, if that makes sense.

There was some swelling and bruising which hasn't gone down completely yet, but even with two weeks recovery, it feel that the motion is very limited. I don't think that the thumb is broken as there isn't much discolouring, but I think there is likely some ligament damage.

My question is about what to do next. Do these ligament injuries repair themselves over time? I'm reluctant to waste the time of staff at A&E with an injury that isn't life threatening, but I'm looking for an opinion on what I should do next and whether it needs a repair.

Here's a picture which shows some of the swelling and this is my attempt at extending the thumb backwards, same as my left thumb. I can barely get the thumb straight.

Should I just leave it to heal? Do I need to see someone about it? Who should I see? Doctor first?


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