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Below is the information on a initiative that we feel could help you boost fundraising at this year’s London Marathon and possibly get you featured on the tv!

ITV Local is ITV’s network of regional video websites, and a key part of that is our “Grassroots Sport” section where people can upload and share their own videos.

For the London Marathon this year, we’re looking for runners to upload video diaries, that they can then share with friends, family, and potential sponsors to help boost interest, and their fundraising. Once they’ve uploaded a video they can share the link via email with anyone they want to see it. The website is completely free to use, and just requires a very very brief registration process for the first upload.

As part of the video diaries we’re keen that runners explain why they’re taking part, and show a bit about the particular cause they’re running for.

Why not film and share video diaries or in fact any type of film as a way of boosting your fundraising, and also keeping supporters informed of your progress through training, and of course on the big day.

Some videos may just catch the eye of our colleagues at ITV1 and get some more publicity on ITV regional news programmes.

Full details can be found by going to

Many thanks

Desnotre Watson
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