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Hey runnersforum, im back! I know I havent been on in along time and you probably done even remember me because I wasnt that active ha and havent updated my blog for a while . Just thought id let you know where im standing.

Ive been quite busy lately just started my second year of A levels at sixth form, and ive also dedicated quite a lot of my time to working out rather than running:confused: Looking to go to Uni next year!

I have my very first half marathon on sunday (Notts.) and Im hoping for any time around 1h40, preferably under. I seem to be better at shorter distances (6m30-6m50 pace for up to about 7 miles) but then i end up completely knackered. Ive done several runs between 10 and 11.5 miles(about7m30 pace) over the last month and feel ready for the race!

Anyone else running in the Robin Hood Festival this sunday?
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