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Hi folks, new poster with a couple of questions in the hope that someone with experience can help

The background, towards the tail end of last year i felt good and ready to have an attempt at my first marathon and so chose Manchester as it was the first suitable one of this year.

Over the past couple of months however a combination of a juggernaught bout of Covid and other unexpected health issues have hit my training hard , im still 80% confident that i'll get back there in the next couple of months before run day and still be able to complete it .
Meanwhile I have a friend who has also signed up now with the half marathon being a challenging but achievable goal for him , as there is no half marathon that day however it must be done as a relay and so i will run the first leg for him and continue on my way at the change over and hopefully finish the full run. This has all been signed up for and confirmed so no help needed on that front !

My questions are , has anyone on the forum had any experience of doing the relay or first hand knowledge of seeing how it works , how long can i be expected to stop / be held up at the relay change over point, is it much of a detour and more so in my mind is i have promised my young lad i would bring him the medal back , with me REALLY not wanting to let him down is it worth my while collecting the medal im entitled to at the relay change over in case i DNF the full run. What i mean by that is If its quick and easy with little hanging about then i would do however i dont want to be stopped for too long at the changeover and risking stiffening up and deciding i'd rather finish with the others beside me at that stage than do another 13 miles

Thanks in advance for any help

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