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I'm in the best running form that I have been for maybe 15 years, and after some over enthusiasm in February resulting in a stress fracture am on track for a good marathon at the Gold Coast in Australia on 4 July.
But . . .
due to my own stupid fault, I waited for it to warm up before my long run last week and hadn't eaten before, or during a 30k run which finished around 4pm. On my motorbike riding home I blacked out at the lights and ended up on the ground surrounded by concerned citizens. Some stitches in my ankle and a few light grazes on my calf seemed to be the only injury. However, when I got up to leave the hospital 5 hours later, pain behind my ribs hinted at something else.

It has been a full week, and the pain is if anything worse. The stitches come out of my ankle today and I have done the hard work fitness wise, but right now I need significant pain relief to put on socks. I was advised 6 weeks, but am still hoping to do the marathon even if my time goal is out the window.

Is this feasible? Should I cut my losses and forget about running or is there anything I can do to get me to the finish line?
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